Pick Up at 5:00 AM from your local hostel towards the south of the salt flat, Legia lagoon, in a three-hour trip. We take breakfast and after that the group move on by car to the foothill, in twenty minutes driving to get to 4900 m. We trek up for about 3 hours until reaching the crater (5400 m). We could trek up towards the summit (5592 m) depending on how the group feels and on the weather conditions. Arrival in San Pedro: 6:00 PM

General recommendations:
● Long-sleeve or turtleneck shirt as baselayer
● Polar-fleece jacket or hoodie and coat
● Boots and/or Hiking footwear
● Beanie or bandana (depending on the season)
● Gloves
● Sun screen
● Sunglasses
● WINTER SEASON: Mountain wear

Warning: Activity not suitable for pregnant women, people with heart conditions, and susceptible to heights and/or altitude sickness medical records.